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The Idaho World is the oldest continuous newspaper in the State of Idaho, established in 1863. Rich in gold and history, Boise County has withstood the test of time and its people flourished. Stay up-to-date with current events and happenings of the county. The Idaho World explores local politics, covers school events, and much more!

The Idaho World newspaper has been serving the community for over 160 years and is now offered online. The newspaper includes classified ads, legal notices and obituaries; as well as information about the various businesses, functions and happenings of the county.

We proudly serve the three Boise County school districts, as well as the following communities: Horseshoe Bend – Garden Valley – Idaho City – Placerville – Lowman – Centerville – Crouch – Wilderness Ranch – Star Ranch – Clear Creek – Boise Rim Ranches – Duquette Pines – Sweet – Banks – Thorn Creek – Atlanta

The Idaho World is a weekly newspaper, published every Wednesday.  It has been the official record for Boise County for over 160 years, and is the oldest continuous newspaper in Idaho.  The Idaho World is responsible for legal publications within Boise County. 

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