Idaho City’s Former Clerk Is Sentenced for Theft

BOISE COUNTY -- As part of the plea agreement, Tammy Ellsworth, former Idaho City Clerk and Treasurer, pled guilty to one felony misuse of public funds by an employee. There were originally eight charges of misuse of public funds, dated September 2015.
Deputy Prosecutor Spencer Lay recounted that no restitution was ordered on this case, due to the fact that the money had already been paid back or returned. The judge ordered 60 days of jail time, suspended, and 100 hours of community service. Ellsworth will be made to serve out a mandatory 2 years’ probation. The judge didn’t expect Ellsworth to be a repeat offender and her record had been clean, prior to this theft. The deputy prosecutor commented that the defendant seemed genuinely remorseful and looked to put these dealings behind her....

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