Time for Getting a Regional Wastewater Recreational District in Place… or Not?

Garden Valley -- An informational public meeting hosted by 2 Fork Water and Sewer was held on June 1, 2017 in Crouch to discuss the project planning and costs for creating a Water and Sewer District throughout the Garden Valley area. Tim Farrell of Mountain Waterworks is Project Manager and Engineer. He was hired by local Garden Valley resident Don Weilmunster to look into a feasible plan for the area with associated engineering and costs. The City of Crouch, Terrace Lakes and all over Garden Valley have aging systems that may benefit from this proposed plan.
The Mountain Waterworks job is to build a project, get funding and make a project affordable at $600 - $800 per year of sewer service. Grant funding is a huge part of the plan to get low rates. Now it is time for the public to get se...

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