GV 5th Graders Finish Adopt-A-Pilot Program

Garden Valley -- Mrs. Keelee Harrold’s Fifth Grade Students finished the Adopt-A-Pilot program at the Garden Valley Elementary School by giving oral presentations at the Nampa Warhawk museum. After 10 lessons, ranging from Math, Science, Aviation Principles to Art, the students each researched one of the many displays at the museum and prepared an oral presentation of their chosen topic.
The first stop was the Boise Airport, where the students got a close up look at the day-to-day operations. They got to go into the “heart of the airport”: Airport Operations and were briefed on matters such as security and air traffic. Then they went to the baggage area and airport maintenance. While on the bus touring around the airfield, they saw planes from different airlines land, take off and taxi, a...

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