Poaching Mushrooms Gets Federal Charges Illegal Commercial Operation is Halted by Law Enforcement

Boise County -- Morel Mushrooms were discovered in mass, being harvested illegally by a commercial operation. Buying and/or selling forest products without a special-use permit could prove to have felony implications. On Saturday evening, May 28th, Boise County’s Sheriff, Jim Kaczmarek, and an officer for the U.S. Forest Service confiscated the more than 500lbs of carefully harvested and sorted morel mushrooms. The contraband was gathered and transported in a refrigerated trailer unit, belonging to the operation, whose name(s) have not yet being released.
A very helpful citizen near Idaho City helped the Sheriff to translate Spanish, upon the return of workers from the Boise National Forest, with another 50 or 60lbs of morels. It is expected that Federal charges will be extended at this p...

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