Boise County Seeks Justice for Embezzlement Case

Boise County -- Mr. WilliamYoung, representing Rana Klingner in this embezzlement case against Boise County, explained his client’s demeanor, “She respects the decisions made by the court and the jury in this case, but in the end, she disagrees with the result. Let me make this clear, you won’t hear her talk today about acceptance, as would typically be expected.”
Boise County’s Deputy Prosecutor, Spencer Lay, spoke on behalf of the State, “This isn’t a mistake. This isn’t something that she did, planned and then had a lapse of judgment and then decided to go through with. This is eighteen months of theft. Know that there is almost, if not but very minimal, no criminal action in the past. But there is 18-months of repeated, systematic theft.” He continued, “We now are seeing NO remorse in...

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