Black Bear Attacks Hunter From Clear Creek

Clear Creek -- Marvin Jennings, 43, of Clear Creek had been hunting bear with his uncle from Washington on Sunday evening. The men spotted a large black bear eating at their bait site. The uncle shot and wounded the animal, which laid down. Upon approach, the bear charged Jennings, knocking him down. The two tumbled down a hill, with the bear biting Jennings multiple times on the left arm and leg.
The animal was considered to be about 10 years old, and its incisors had nearly been worn down to the gum line, but the canine teeth were still very intact.
Bill London, Idaho Fish and Game District Conservation Officer, measured the Black Bear to be 5’ 3” from nose to tail and weighed between 200 and 230lbs. This was still a healthy bear, despite its age.
Jennings was able to kill the bear wi...

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