Boise County Welcomes New Planning & Zoning Commissioner

Boise County - Edith Williams, a long-time Horseshoe Bend resident has taken the seat of Horseshoe Bend District Commissioner to Planning and Zoning. She was sworn in on April 20th, 2017. After a yearlong lapse in getting this seat filled appropriately, the Boise County Board of Commissioners had appointed Ms. Williams to the position on April 11th.
Williams was born in Germany in 1964, where she met and married Joe Williams, a 5th generation Boise County resident in 1984. At the end of Joe’s military service in Germany in 1989, the couple moved back onto the family property in Boise County. There they raised two daughters, both of whom graduated from Horseshoe Bend High School and have children of their own now.
“Over the past 27 years of living in Boise County, I have seen things that ...

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