6th Grade Students Get Down Right Comfortable with Success

Idaho City -- Young bodies love to wiggle, which can interfere with learning. Mrs. ReBekha Lulu came up with a “dramatic” idea to focus learning through a flexible seating classroom. After just four days on donorschoose.org, which is specifically made for teachers, the project was fully funded! The class was able to purchase wobble chairs, yoga balls and a few floor pillows. Other students enjoyed a bouncy band attached to their desk, to put their feet up on. Behaviors seem to have improved among the students and learning can be more focused when this energy is expelled. Mrs. Lulu says, “While it’s been a major adjustment from what I’m used to, it’s definitely worth it!”
“The biggest difference I have seen is in the attitude and focus of the students,” says Mrs. Lulu. “They enjoy taking r...

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