Motorcycle Accident Victim Has Help From Good Samaritans

East Boise County -- Alan McFadden and Don Ramsey, electricians with High Ground Electric, were driving from a job and happened upon an accident scene. “Everyone looked really scared and nobody could get to him,” Ramsey recalled. “People were getting ready to jump in the water and we had to tell them ‘Don’t, don’t!’ It will take a minute, but we’ll get over there.”
According to a Boise County Sheriff’s Deputy, there had been a call into dispatch about 10 minutes prior, reporting four speeding motorcyclists. It had been about 4:20pm on Wednesday afternoon, April 12th, when Forrest Cannon, a 19-years-old from Boise, apparently left his group and speeded up to 75 miles per hour down in the canyon. He apparently came around a tight curve along Highway 21, which is notorious for wrecks, and lo...

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