Mortality for Big Game High on Highway 21

East Boise County -- There have been an increased number of big game animals killed on Highway 21 this season. “So far from November 2016 - April 2017 we have had 96 mule deer and elk involved in wildlife-vehicle collisions. This does not include those individuals that were involved in a wildlife-vehicle collision, survived, but then later died from their injuries and went unrecorded,” says Krista Biorn, Regional Wildlife Biologist - Boise River Habitat District for the Idaho Department of Fish & Game.
“Part of the reason why mortality was higher this year, than in the past, was weather related. In a winter like this, when we have frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, the population of mule deer and elk increase substantially on the [Boise River Wildlife Management Area] BRWMA. The ...

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