Monthly Dinner at the Senior Center is a Food Extravaganza For the Community

Garden Valley -- Since December 2015, some amazing dinners has come from the Senior Center activity hall kitchen almost every month. Experience a full course meal with a salad bar and dessert. Ruth Woods and Greg Maples are local award winning chefs that volunteer countless hours to create a food extravaganza each month for the community the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.
“I want people to taste things they may not have the ability to taste around here,” says Woods. There are different items are offered at local restaurants, but once a month, the menus offers the closest thing to a good “home-cooked” style meal, complete with salad and dessert for only $7.00 and could be considered a twenty dollar meal elsewhere.
It is not really a “senior dinner” but a place where friends and fam...

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