Former Idaho City Clerk in Court

Idaho City -- “The state alleges $3,735.41,” was taken in public funds from the City of Idaho City. Deputy Prosecutor Jay Rosenthal said, “As I understand, that has been recovered and is in evidence at this time.” There had originally been 8 counts of “Public Funds- Misuse of by a Public Officer or Employee,” but the case had been “amended” to include just one count, which former Clerk/ Treasurer Tammy Ellsworth pled guilty to.
After being sworn in, Ellsworth was asked by the District Court Judge if she understood her rights. He stated that she was in charge of the receipt of monies “and then without authority of law, appropriated monies to your own use.” The state alleged that this occurred around September 30, 2015, in which Ellsworth was a public employee of Idaho City. The judge asked...

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