Boise County May Hold the Key to Breaking the National Dependency on Foreign Steel

Boise County -- Massive infrastructure investments have been proposed, ranging from $500 billion to $1.1 trillion. American-made materials are being sought out to rebuild or expand roadways, airports, and pipelines. Molybdenum steel is in short supply, which provides an exceptional opportunity to further develop and mine Idaho’s molybdenum deposits.
Molybdenum can be viewed as a strategic metal, used primarily as an alloy in steel to enhance its strength and resistance to corrosion. “It has been shown that pipelines constructed with molybdenum steel lasts two to three times longer than other types of steel,” claims Idaho CuMo Corporation.
The world’s demand for molybdenum is on the rise. “The U.S. imports 100 percent of 20 strategic metals and 50 percent of 30 more,” according to Idaho C...

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