Garden Valley Senior & Social Center News | March 15, 2017

Granny Ruth informs us that: "Two big, time-consuming tasks were looming ahead to be done at the Garden Valley Senior Center and Granny's Closet. Without Ruth saying anything to anyone, two ladies stepped up and offered to, in one case, head up an event and basically planning and doing the major work, and the other called and offered to take on a major manual labor task, "volunteering" her husband to help. In both cases, these were major tasks above and beyond the regular workload. What a difference this has made for Ruth's workload, and I know in both cases these ladies will get the work done and get it done well!"
Each and every person in our community has the "power" to help someone else who has a need. It might be something as simple as shoveling a walkway or helping to repair somethi...

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