Found Guilty on Both Counts of Grand Theft: Rana Klingner Trial

Boise County - “We’re dealing with, what many feel, was a horrible breach of trust,” explained Jay Rosenthal, Chief Deputy for Boise County’s Prosecuting Office. “We appreciate the hard work of the Idaho State Police and the cooperation of Mary [Clerk Prisco] and her staff who were very helpful.”
The 6-day trial wrapped up on Tuesday, February 21st, with the verdict of guilty, per two counts of Grand Theft. Spencer Lay, Boise County’s Deputy Prosecutor, spoke during closing arguments, before the jury deliberated. He addressed, “It’s not about the access, it’s about a combination of those things that only Ms. Klingner had.” Lay claimed that her “failure to say anything, was indicative of guilt.” Missing Auditor Certificates (ACs) were repeatedly brought to her attention, along with checks ...

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