The Cascade Massacre Sites, 1878

his is a follow up story I did on the Weiser Indians and has Boise County connections. While the incidents occurred in Valley County, there are two ties to Boise County. And in 1878, all of Valley County was the northern part of Boise County.
In spring1878, the Bannock Indians from Fort Hall went on a rampage that took them all the way to the Blue Mountains in Oregon northwest of John Day. The Weiser Indians (Lemhi Shoshoni) from Indian Valley joined them in Oregon. When the leadership of the Bannocks were ambushed and killed in late July by the Umatilla Indians, those involved were leaderless and fled the Blue Mountains in many directions, ending the war. The Weiser Indians went directly back to Indiana Valley, which was their home. But they feared that the army would pursue them so they...

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