Prosecutor Resigns

Boise County - Jay Rosenthal had asked Ross Pitman when he came to interview for the job in Boise County, what his dream job might be. Pittman replied to be the Prosecutor in Payette County. Rosenthal continued, “We kind of laughed thinking there’s somebody there and that won’t happen. Though I’m unhappy with him leaving, because he’s done a great job, I still give him credit for stepping up and in my view, saving the office, the Dauber trial and some other trials.”
Prosecutor Ross Pittman spoke to Boise County residents: “Thank you for the faith you had in me during the Primary Election and voting for me, and the support, the engagement in the process. I love Boise County. I love the people in Boise County and I’m sad to be leaving. It’s not a professional decision that I’m making, it’s ...

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