District Ranger for the Boise National Forest

Brant Petersen, District Ranger for the Boise National Forest, spoke regarding winter recreation and recognized, “For our local businesses and our private residents, they haven’t been able to recreate.”
The U.S. Forest Service is actively making plans to reduce hazards, after the Pioneer Fire, and to open everything back up to make it safe for recreationists. “Especially with winter travel, if you’re a snowmobiler and you were to get out on a groomed route -- with a big windstorm that we often have in the winter-- lots of trees come down. That’s very common. But, given the fact that they’re all weakened with the fire, you can get yourself in a dangerous situation in a hurry,” says Petersen.
In considering the primary snowmobile routes, the U.S. Forest Service will be looking to fall a fe...

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